Think about it, write it down!
Write, change your mind and erase. Theen keep on writing over it, using the new erasable gel ink pen, übers!

ubers thermal ink roller

  • You can express yourself, without being afraid of making mistakes, focusing on what you have to do. If you make any mistakes, just erase them and keep on writing.
  • No matter what you have to write down (lists, notes, sketches, drawings, homework, projects), you can easily change and move ahead. No need for you to copy out.
  • You can better organize yourself and everything you hand-write is tidier.
  • You write in your own personal style – and this is easily visible!
  • It’s the coolest roller – you can write it down and erase, and if you let the document in the freezer (allow it to cool down in the freezer for 15 minutes), the handwriting reappears!

The erasable gel ink pen uses a special ink. When you erase it through friction with the rubber on the other end of the roller, the ink becomes translucent. You can easily write over it, no traces being visible. Practically you have a special ink roller and a rubber of high precision in the same writing instrument.